Hello Beautiful.

I'm Cindy Laczynski. I'm here to support you in LOVING passionately, LEADING courageously and leaving a LEGACY that impacts the world!

Let’s DISCOVER the EXTRAORDINARY woman that lives within you, BREAK FREE from the things that are holding you back and let that LIGHT SHINE! 

But let’s get REAL!  

There are times when you feel frustrated, unfulfilled, unappreciated and lonely. 

  • You question your self-worth. 
  • Fear and worry creep into your thoughts of all the “what if’s” and “if only’s…” leaving you feeling empty.
  • You wonder where God is at times and WHY the silence? 
  • You know you're meant for more. 
  • You have an idea of what you desire, but you're not sure how to achieve it. 
  • You’re watching life pass on by, and seeing others live their dreams. 
  • You lie awake at night tossing and turning with ideas of how to be at home with your kids, fears of regret, mommy guilt, or, the big one, finances. 
  • You want the best for your family!  And you’re sick and tired of always being sick and tired! 

Guess what Sister?!   It doesn’t have to be this way! 

I’ve been where you’re at.  I know this woman well.  I’m here to tell you that you can rise from this and be Victorious.   Your circumstances don't define who you are.  There’s an EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN within you, ready to be discovered with a light that is so radiant it impacts the world!

You’re an amazing woman that loves the Lord, who has a heart for others.  Every day you show up, you put that smile on, and you get the job done. You try to make people so happy and sometimes give more than you have. Busy is your middle name. You’re juggling 100 things and still actually trying to make time for that devotional.  You’re creative, so your inner Joanna Gaines has to come out every now and then, adding more things to the to do list.  You know that “someday” sentence really well.  Someday I’ll…  You have dreams and unmet desires, and you know you’re meant for something bigger.

Are you ready to lead a life on purpose but don’t know where to start? Join me, as we explore your unique strengths and passions!  This FREE  guide WILL open your mind to a whole NEW You!


These three come together and exemplify the beautiful, extraordinary woman you were created to be!  Are you ready to find her, be her, and step into your calling?  

I know you were led here for a reason. I don't believe in coincidences!


It’s time to break those chains of self doubt and judgement and be set free!


I’m a Christian Life Coach for you-the woman wanting to embrace her true calling, all while keep God at the forefront.

I Am All About YOU Discovering YOUR Purposefully Designed Woman Within! ~ Loving Passionately, Leading Courageously And Leaving A Legacy That Impacts The World.  


Hear from some Purposefully Designed Women about how I've impacted their lives! 



It fuels my heart to no end to encourage and Inspire that amazing woman God created you to be!  And I’m here, ready to empower and equip that woman to love extravagantly, lead passionately, and leave a legacy.

Whether we have been friends for awhile or we are just starting our journey together, I’m excited to share all that God has been placing on my heart!  And guess what?!  It’s all with you in mind!  

One thing you need to know about me is I BELIEVE in YOU!  I believe in the woman you were created to be!  And I want you to know that you ARE ENOUGH!  

You are Predestined!  
You are Called!  
You are Justified!  
And you are Glorified!
 You have a purpose!
It is YOUR time to SHINE!  
Make the decision that TODAY is your SOMEDAY!  


If this has spoken to your heart, awakened the lioness within you or left you wanting more then let’s chat Sister!  

Purposefully Designed Women

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It is YOUR time to SHINE!  

Make the decision that TODAY is your SOMEDAY!  

If you'd like to explore more about how we can take your passions and gifts and create your dream life, fill this out.  I'd love to talk more!

I look forward to connecting with you and hearing about what dreams await your future!


Purposefully Designed Women

Who is a Purposefully Designed Woman?

She is the daughter of the one true King. She is a wife, mother, sister, and friend. She is a woman who is always growing into noble character (Proverbs 31:10-31), of great mind (Philippians 4:8), and has a heart that loves to serve others (Matthew 20:28). She is a woman who is full of purpose and uniquely designed by God.  She is a leader and a game changer. She is faithful in all she does. She is fearless in her pursuits. And she is fancy!

She is YOU!

Introducing EXTRAORDINARY woman who are paving the way, and following their DREAMS!  See what these strong, confident, courageous, and Godly women have to say about HOW they got to where they're at today along with advice just for you!  

Get plugged into my community of Purposefully Designed Women!  

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